Guys of the Roundtable: What we are all about

Two years and two months ago, a conversation between myself and Vlad took an interesting turn as we both talked about how we wanted to start a podcast but didn’t want to do one solo. Then, the idea struck me. ‘What if we do one together?’ So I asked him his thoughts and he was more than open to the idea. The next step was actually doing it.

About eight or nine years ago I would run a small show off blogtalkradio with some friends for a baseball mogul league and I remembered it was easy to use, I could go on as the host and Vlad could call in and we could do the podcast with me in Lebanon, PA and he in Morgantown, WV.

So, I took the next day or two to write out a rough draft, an outline, of topics to talk about on our first show. It was good, but it was a semi disaster which you can listen to just below.

Check Out Sports Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Guys of the Roundtable on BlogTalkRadio

The one thing it did create was motivation. Motivation to do better as well as to just keep doing this. We wanted it. It was a platform where we could express our thoughts while also just keeping in touch as friends.

Vlad and I go back about 10-12 years when we met in high school and the friendship really took off after I graduated high school when we were practically inseparable before he left to go to college at West Virginia University. As all friendships go, there were ups and downs, long periods of times we didn’t talk and then periods of time where we talked a lot. We always made it work. Heck, he was my Best Man in my wedding…referred to as Frodo by our photographers.

Fast Forward to 2017 and our friendship is stronger than ever and that’s evident in our podcast. We’re through about 75 shows and each one has developed more and more.

Here we are in October and on top of the podcast at Blog Talk Radio we’ve added a Facebook account (Like it, please?), we’re also on twitter @GOTRPodcast and now the blog.

We started mostly as a sports podcast as that’s my forte and if you stick Vlad and myself or really any group of our friends in a room we are mostly talking sports, but we also talk real life issues.

No matter where this podcast takes us, whether it’s an hour show two days a week that gets listened to by 20 people, it will remain important to me. It’s a chance for Vlad and I to talk for a long period of time despite being so far apart while also entertaining those who listen. If you ever listen I hope you are as entertained as we are.

Well, the sentimental journey is over, we will be on the air on

To close, I’m going to talk about our name and the logo, which was designed by my wife, Kelly. Our name, Guys of the Roundtable is basically to tell you that the conversations we are going to have will be a lot like the conversations we might have at the table. We talk about anything and everything. We talk sports, we talk politics, we talk everything.

Our logo (pictured below), I wanted to have a “Knights of the Roundtable” feel with a shield that includes our GOTR acronym which is our promotional tool as GOTR is a lot easier to get off the tongue and into characters than Guys of the Roundtable. But, it’s a simple round table top (shocking, I know) with our name as well as the shield with the acronym. The design is incredible.


Be on the lookout for daily posts on here from myself, Vlad or perhaps some guest columnists now and again. Until then, I hope you listen to our show and are having as much fun listening as Vlad and I are producing the show. Feel free to give us any feedback you may have, we would love to hear some.


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