Week 8 Draft Kings optimal lineup


I’m going to try to provide an optimal Draft Kings lineup each week. I started back up doing draft kings about a month ago after a 2 year hiatus. So I’m still trying to get a feel
for how things work after using Fanduel for years.

I’ve come to like DK more because of the non use of a kicker and the more realistic prices. Fanduel allowed me to have a star-studded lineup and feel very confident in my squad. Only to get thumped each week.

One thing I will tell EVERYONE after not really caring about it til this past year. Do NOT enter
multi entry tournaments. I was the guy who entered 5-10 dollar leagues on a weekly basis where I believe, there was no max entries on fanduel.

I’d be playing guys who had entires that would make you scroll for what seemed to be minutes. One minor tweak in any of there lineups meant the difference between winning 20 bucks or 200 bucks.

I was a peasant playing against kings for lack of better words. It may seem like common sense to some, but I felt my knowledge would eventually lead me to a big win. I was wrong, money and multi entries do.

I now play single entry tournaments or max of 3 entry tournaments. It levels the playing field considerably where a 3 dollar entry fee isn’t having a guy throw 100 entries for 300 bucks
on it.

Perfect example of the use of a guy exploiting the multi entry lineups, back in 2014 Jonas Gray had a random game of 200 yards and 4 TDs. If you had 1 entry that week, you wouldn’t have Jonas Gray in it. Unless of course, you can see the future.

I remember having a “in the money” lineup that week but with all the guys throwing hundreds around in tweaking lineups, Jonas Gray and there money won and knocked me down considerably.

Now that I’ve throughly expressed my hatred for multi-entry leagues I will now get to MY
Draftkings optimal lineup.

QB – Tom Brady (vs LAC) 7,600
RB – Doug Martin (vs CAR) 5,400
RB – Chris Thompson (vs DAL) 5,800
WR – Brandin Cooks (vs LAC) 6,800
WR – Tyrell Williams (vs NE) 4,800
WR – Devin Funchess (vs TB) 5,900
TE – George Kittle (vs PHI) 3,600
FLEX – Christan McCaffrey (vs TB) 6,200
DEF – Bengals (vs IND) 3,600

As you see I’m focused on 2 games. I think Brady is a solid option and going with one of his favorite targets and big play receiver in Cooks is a no brainer to me.

You could go Dalton who is cheaper (5,700) but I’m going to for the homerun pick. In DK I always like to use pass catching RBs and I have no shortage there. 3 pass catchers 3 favorable matchups to me.

There was no must start for me this weekend so I went with a good combination of matchups. Any questions? Feel free to ask.

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