Fantasy Football: The 2-6 team that never was

I’m writing this in light of Deshaun Watson tearing his ACL. Let me first say, I feel awful for anyone who gets hurt and wish them well. I wanted to write this to give you guys the idea of the up and down season I have had. I currently sit at 2-6 with the 4th most points scored in my league despite losing Watson, Dalvin Cook and Odell Beckham. Let’s go through the journey of this team.

Sunday, September 3rd

Draft Day

Draft day was finally here and the 5th season of “Turn your Head and Coughlin” was underway. I am the commissioner of this extremely competitive league. A couple of my good friends are in this league along with some guys who I either keep in touch with year round or don’t hear from until draft day or right before the season kicks off.

Draft day is a sense of renewal to a lot of us. Its to right last years wrongs and to finally dethrone that damn Tony from the champions spot and to finally shut him up. I had the 8th pick in the 10 team league.

With Elliott pending suspension the cards fell like I thought they would. I ended up selecting A.J. Green at 8 who I kind of targeted. Michael Thomas was there for the taking at 13. A guy who was hardly on my radar. I was kind of surprised I made the Thomas pick. I wanted Melvin Gordon but kind of froze. I went with what I thought was the safer and more productive pick.



Round 3 kind of threw some people off including myself. I needed a RB so I went with the surprise Kareem Hunt over guys like Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette. My plan was to scoop Drew Brees on the turn and I’d be having the draft day I wanted. Paul, who picked after me, I remember what felt like was slow motion, walking up to the draft board and pulling Drew Brees name card off the table and on to the board. I screamed fuck in my head and out loud.

Issiah Crowell was now my 4th round pick. What a shit pick that was. I knew it at the time but I didn’t want 2 rookie RBs. So off Cook and Fournette went picks later. The rest of the day came and went, I was happy to get Keenan Allen in the 5th round and I snagged his running mate Philip Rivers in the 11th. I felt I had a solid team. Yahoo gave me a B but fuck Yahoo I gave myself an A. Now to the season.

Sunday, September 10th

Rivers or Dalton

I debated this since draft day. Philip Rivers was going to be my week in and week out starter. But he was playing Denver and Denvers defense doesn’t need to be explained. Andy Dalton was playing a tough Baltimore defense but he played them well last year. Finally around noon I went all in and chose Andy Dalton.

After Kareem Hunts Thursday night explosion. I felt I could have picked Brett Favre to start and still win. Andy Dalton shit the bed BIG time. Because he shit the bed, AJ Green also shit the bed. Andy Dalton got me 1 point. AJ Green got me 9.90. Combined about 30 points below projections. Kareem Hunts 43.10 night seemed like a distant memory.

Monday night came and half of my opponents team was still left to play.  Adam Thielen had a career night. Kyle Ruldolph caught a TD. Demaryius Thomas had a typical game. I just had Keenan Allen who conveniently enough caught a TD from the guy I decided to bench. I lost the game by 4 points and Philip Rivers got 18.68 points. It doesn’t take a mathematician to realize I would have won if I started Rivers. 0-1 and draft day already seemed so distant. At least I got the New York Giants, right?

Saturday, September 30th

The Trade.

After starting the season 0-3 and with no real RB behind Kareem Hunt, I made the trade to end all trades. Me and my buddy Tony debated this trade for hours. He didn’t want to give up Martavis Bryant. Which a month later, is hilarious. He reluctantly decided to include Bryant after the trade seemed dead. Thanks Tony! Tony is the type of guy when it comes to fantasy football where he can step in dog shit, lift his shoe up and find a gold coin on the bottom of his shoe.  We finally agreed to a trade. With 2 simple words “I accept” were made my season slowly started to slip away more and more. This was the trade..

Nick Gets:

Odell Beckham WR, Dalvin Cook RB and Martavis Bryant WR

Tony Gets:

AJ Green WR, Michael Thomas WR

Yes its cringe worthy now but I went all in. The next day started my free fall.

Sunday, October 1st

The Beginning of the end

The trade was processed that day and I rolled with my freshly new lineup. It was the battle of 2 0-3 teams. I knew my team was bound to break out and finally secure a victory. Which I did that to my buddy Andrew. I won 118 to 108. But not at the expense of losing Dalvin Cook. Cook who was having a great rookie season tore his ACL on a non contact play. Lost for the season. I traded for 3 quarters of Dalvin Cook. The trade started to look like Beckham and Bryant for Thomas and Green. Still not a complete loss. I kept making moves and Wednesday brings me to my next chapter.

Wednesday, October 4th

Waiver Wire Magic

I won’t lie. I had planned on writing an article similar to this but at the end of the year. When I was convinced I was going to make a run for the championship. This day was going to be my main emphasis. The day I turned my fortune around. In a span of one night I was able to secure TE Cameron Brate, RB Aaron Jones and the guy who carried me QB Deshaun Watson. I flipped Brate in a later trade for DeAndre Hopkins. Watson’s favorite target. But I’ll get to that later. This day at the time was really meaningless. I lost Cook and I picked up some fill-in guys. But it built my team up considerably. At 1-3 I may have finally turned around my team even after losing Cook. But then Sunday came..

Sunday, October 8th

Season Over for myself and the Giants

I am beyond passionate when it comes to the New York Giants. They suffered 2 last second losses in a row to sit at 0-4. I thought we both could ride to the championship despite that. That was until late in the 4th quarter when the Giants were driving, Odell Beckham went up for a catch and immediately got hit and went down funny. Right away I knew it wasn’t good and shortly after it confirmed what I had thought. Broken leg. Season over for the best WR in the game.

My trade now looks like Martavis Bryant for AJ Green and Michael Thomas. 8 days later what a change. I lost that week to fall to 1-4. I sent Kareem Hunt packing for Brandin Cooks, Christian McCaffrey and a 5th round pick next year. I was going to ride the wave out and focus on next year while still trying to piece together a competitive team to maybe have a chance.

Monday, October 9th to Thursday, November 2nd

All out to All in back to All out

Over the next 2 weeks after that trade I turned around and made some more deals.

I traded Cameron Brate and Christan McCaffrey for DeAndre Hopkins and James White. After Watson looked like the real deal and I pulled off a week 7 win to go to 2-5 I decided to rebuy back in. I reacquired Kareem Hunt for James White, Austin Seferian-Jenkins and a 7th rounder next year.

A core of Watson, Hopkins and Hunt I felt was going to carry me back into the playoffs. I had to face in week 8 the reason for where I was at. Tony.  But before that, because I like wheeling and dealing I offered QB needy Tony another trade. I offered him Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins for AJ Green, Michael Thomas and Tevin Coleman.

Tony sat on that offer all day but decided to decline last second in typical Tony fashion. I really didn’t care because I actually liked my team now. Which brings me to Sunday. Watson and Hopkins had career games against a tough Seattle defense. Those 2 were enough to surely put anyone into victory. Except for me.

Devin Funchess and Jordan Reed got a combined 3.20 points for me. Cooks and Allen failed to take part in what was suppose to be a shoot out. Travis Kelce who I was playing against, decided to have a career 1st quarter. Just like that I was 2-6 but with 6th place at 4-4 I still had hope. Especially scoring the 4th most points in the league. Deshaun Watson was going to carry me.  As fast as I went all in, the injury bug struck again. Deshaun Watson today tore his ACL in a non contact injury. Thus essentially ending my season and bringing me to writing this article.


I wish all the guys who got hurt a speedy recovery. I’ve played fantasy football since I was 10.  I enjoy every year the live drafts and the overall excitement of each week. It brings out a lot of rivalries amongst my friends. At the end of the day its just a game to me. But to those who actually got hurt, its a lively hood. Best wishes to them and good luck to everyone the rest of the year. May you carry out what I couldn’t.

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