Pokemon TCG: How I got back into collecting

NOTE: I guess I forgot to include Pokemon Go as a reason, too. That came BEFORE my nephew showed me the Evolutions cards.

About a year and a half ago I got hooked back into collecting Pokemon cards when they released the Evolutions set. My nephew had some packs and opened them up and I saw they looked just like the original cards that I enjoyed 20+ years ago in my early teens.

I was immediately interested. Nostalgia is a funny thing. The way it takes you back in time to your childhood.

Not long after starting to collect again, my wife and I decided to go back and find our old cards. We were thrilled to find we still had the original base set Charizard, Blastoise and Venusuar. We also had a handful of others as well, but those were the “Holy Grail” of collectors 20-years ago.

So we started a binder filled with these and our favorite Pokemon. It didn’t take long for that binder to become full once we started buying more of the Evolutions packs.

Shortly after that we started buying box sets with these Pokemon, but were disappointed when we found out it contained other packs, not just Evolutions.

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Having been away from Pokemon altogether for nearly 15 years, we didn’t know much about anything after Generation 2. We knew a few select names, but that was it. So, our packs contained a lot of “who is that?” and “what is that?”. It wasn’t a whole lot of fun.

Sometimes it takes getting a great pull to get you into something and I got that in a box set that contained Breakthrough and Fates Collide packs.

I opened up the Breakthrough pack and 7 cards back was a Mewtwo EX staring me in the face. Mewtwo is one of my favorite Pokemon of all time, right up there with Alakazam (more on that later), Gengar and Dragonite.

That got me hooked into more than just Evolutions. I realized the Pokemon we knew and enjoyed were IN other packs.

Two packs later I’m ripping open an Alakazam pack and I just so happen to pull a Mega Alakazam. I’m just blown away at this point.


Those two packs got me back into this hobby – hook, line and sinker.

Fast forward a year and here I am, fully involved with collecting, trading, and battling with the newest Pokemon from the Sun & Moon Series.

Prior to the release of Crimson Invasion I wasn’t into battling. I was more into the collecting, trading aspect and just trying to “Catch ’em All”.

So, when that set came out, the comic book down the street from me here in Lebanon, PA – AA Comics and Cards – was having a pre-release event. I signed up. From there we created 30-card decks based on our pack pulls and had a tournament.

Once again, they got me. Hook, line and sinker.

Now I’m really into deck building, although I’ve hit a rough patch now with five decks after running out of the better trainer cards.

It’s a funny thing what nostalgia can do. It brought me back to a game I thought was gone from my life before Y2K happened.

Now it’s back, and I’m in it for the long haul.

Keep up with me here at GOTRPodcast.com for more on my journey. Will also be doing some deck lists, card reviews and perhaps we’ll have some pack opening videos as well.

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