Pokemon TCG: Adventure – Part 1

Every Tuesday I will be posting a weekly look into the Pokemon TCG: Adventure; an RPG/TCG hybrid I created with the help of my wife and sister.

In part 1 I will go through the general rules.

A few weeks ago Vlad and I got into a podcast and I happened to talk about this concept. You can listen back to that here.

Anyway, let’s get into the general rules of the game.

To start each game, you must first select a “Professor Oak.” That person will basically be the person in charge of the game. Similar to a Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons.

That person will give each player 3 Pokemon to choose from to select their starter Pokemon.

After selecting their starting Pokemon, Professor Oak will put out two “maps” that lead to the town.

To see some pictures of this concept, check out our tweet.

Each player will start with some supplies. The players will use a 6-sided die to move around the board. Some spaces have different types of encounters, from Pokemon to items and missions.

When you land on a Pokemon encounter you have a chance to catch them based on their remaining HP. As any Pokemon TCG battle, this will be the turn-by-turn attacking based on how many energy you have.

The player can earn energy throughout as well as XP to level up their Pokemon to evolve them.

All Pokemon caught start at level 1 and will receive an energy of their type.

Every 5 Pokemon defeated will give you an energy card of your choice to apply to a Pokemon.

Once you make it through the routes, you get to the city where you can battle gyms, visit Pokestops, Pokemon Centers among other places. Once you defeat the gyms you move onto the next set of routes out of the town.

There will also be sub-sections of cities (see Safari Zone, etc.) that you can get to as well.

This game can last as long as you want as it’s nearly never-ending. In our one test game it lasted 2 hours and we weren’t even done with one gym yet. This game can continue for several weeks, much like a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Stay tuned for part two when we go in-depth on the routes.

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