Super Bowl Memories

The Super Bowl is one of the best football games of the year. It’s a game everyone looks forward to and cherishes the night of. Whether for the football, the commercials, the halftime show or even all of it. The game is a spectacle.

One of the fondest Super Bowl memories I have is from Super Bowl 43 which happened nine years ago on this day when the Pittsburgh Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl with a win over the Arizona Cardinals.

I can vividly remember the Cardinals taking the lead late on the back of Larry Fitzgerald. I then remember Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense driving down the field.

I also remember a Roethlisberger pass going through the finger tips of Santonio Holmes. One play later he goes BACK to Holmes and throws the perfect pass with Holmes making quite possibly one of the greatest catches not only in Super Bowl history but pro football history to score the game winning touchdown.

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The craziest thing about that play? My nephew that was just over a year old fell asleep and I could not yell as he would always have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I just remember being in shock that he caught it.

I’m a Steelers fan, born and raised. This moment was quite possibly one of the most memorable for me in Super Bowl history.

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