Challenge Accepted

Often times, we find ourselves facing difficult challenges in life. We ask, “why me?” Why do I have to go through this bullshit situation, when it seems as if everyone else gets to skate by unfazed? Truth is, no one is unfazed, life fucks us all. We all face obstacles within our lives, but we need to understand two things: 1) what is happening and 2) what is the lesson. More importantly, obstacles open our eyes to the bullshit we’ve conditioned ourselves to accept. The fact of the matter is, how we deal with those difficulties is what determines who we are as individuals. Sure, you can choose to run away from all responsibility and blame others for your misfortunes; but Understand this, that shortsighted mentality will only get you so far. Rather, I suggest you stand up to these challenges and conquer them. Easier said than done. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we have the power to control our lives and the direction it goes in. Yes, we have to deal with dumb shit as it arise. Yet, you still have the power to narrate the story of your life. Are you going to let it stop you from arriving at your destination? Or are you going to cower and let it cripple you? Both are valid solutions, but one detrimental to your growth. In a world that is slowly spinning out of control, change starts from within.  You have to take a look at yourself and truly evaluate who you are as a person. Once you’ve discovered who you are, then you can go on to evolve. This may sound like some Pokemon bullshit, but it’s entirely true. Self-discovery is probably one of the most important things we can accomplish. Once you know who you are and what you stand for, you can then go on to achieve many a great things.

Jordan Peterson has talked about in many of his speeches, about the archetypal hero. We all love to look up to these people who have achieved great feats in their lives. People like Jesus, David, Kobe, Micheal Jordan, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and so on. We look at these people with such great awe and admiration, we fail to realize our own greatness. For example, I’ve often talked about my journey to getting into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). I started with a traditional martial arts background learning how to throw basic kicks, punches, and other striking combos. When I first started, I limited myself to just practicing, because I never thought that I was good enough. I’ve practiced and sparred with some great fighters people have never heard, but would whip your ass in a heartbeat. I’ve gotten my ass handed to me on several occasions by these individuals. Then one day, I don’t know what, but something seemed to click for me and I found myself not getting my ass handed to me anymore. As time progressed, so did my skills. Now the same individuals that was wiping the floor with me are now having a tough time landing clean shots on me. While at the same time, I was landing clean shots on them. At that point I understood I grew as an athlete. I then decided to put my new found skills to the test against other fighters. Again, I would get my ass handed to me, but I’d learn from my mistakes and I got better. Pretty soon, I was skilled enough to take on anyone. Same goes for my jujitsu journey as well. When I first started, I was getting submitted left and right, as to be expected for a white belt. I didn’t let that deter me though. I just trained harder and longer than everyone else. Pretty soon, I found myself progressing significantly. Now, I am keeping up with blue belts and purple belts. I don’t get submitted as quickly by the black belts as previously stated (although, they still whip my ass pretty good).

The moral of it all is this. You’re gonna have challenges and things are going to go wrong. How you overcome those challenges is what makes you, who you are. Trust me, if I can overcome the bullshit challenges and mistakes that I have made in my life, I have the utmost faith that you too can overcome whatever situation you are currently experiencing. I’m not writing this to be some kind of hero, God no. I’m only sharing my experiences with you all in hopes that someone out there can read this and go, “you know what, if he can do it, why can’t I?” That to me is the ultimate goal. To let someone out there know that they too can overcome their situation no matter what it is.


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