Life Is Pretty Funny

Life is funny. I’m not saying this in a comedic fashion or trying to give you a good chuckle. Rather, I am simply stating a fact. Life is funny. I mean think about it; we go about our daily routine thinking nothing of the actions that we are doing. We wake up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast (sometimes not at all), and head race off to work. We do this, every. Single. Day. Occasionally, we will take a pause to catch our “breath”, but not really. Our “breathers” so to speak, are pretty much any distractions other than work. Usually, these are, but not limited to, going to the hospital, lazily lying on the couch, spending some “QT” (quality time) with our significant other and/or pets. Whatever you’re vice, usually you are squeezing this within a small window of time, leaving life, something to be desired. Ironic isn’t it? So yeah, life is funny. Why? Well, because as kids, we dream, losing ourselves in thought letting our imaginations run wild. Then we grow up and become adults. Those imaginations are now muddied with deadlines, obligations, and debt. Few of us are fortunate enough to continue dreaming. They are the rare vestiges of our former youth staring at us, mocking us, flirting, and dare I say, reminding us, that life is something to be lived. Funny isn’t it?

Still not finding the humor? How about this for thought? What did you want to be growing up? What was the one thing that you wanted to do so badly, that you almost gave up everything else for? Are you doing that now? Can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Yes, I am doing exactly what I love doing”. If you can, Mazel Tov! You my friend have cracked the code to life. If you aren’t, what happened? Where and when did you fall off the wagon? Its ok, I’m legitimately curious as to what happened. Cuz, I have a theory, albeit, not a very good one, but a theory nonetheless. I think that along the way while growing up, we have been negatively influenced by everyone in our lives. Think about it for a second. How many times have you heard the word, “no” growing up? Better yet, you can’t do that. Personally, I’ve heard the word so often that I don’t even ask the question. I just automatically assume they are going to say, no. Now, think about your own life. Go ahead, think. You’ll be surprised at how many times you have been rejected. Anyways, all those No’s have accumulated over the years throughout your life and it has impacted your behavior on a subconscious level, causing you to lose interest in your interests. *Mind Blown* I know. I know. It doesn’t make sense, Vlad. You are talking nonsense. Perhaps I am. But, it’s a plausible theory that I came up with. I did say it’s not perfect. But then again, these are thoughts.

Have I tickled your funny bone, yet? No? Man, you’re a hard nut to bust! Alright, let’s try this on for size. You know why life is funny? Because, we’ve been tricked! That’s right; we out here tricking for dollas! Life has pimped us out, hardcore. We have been told and sold the promise, that happiness is direct deposited every two weeks. Yep! We are out here working “x” amount of hours a week, to save up for vacation. Why do we need a vacation? To get away from the shit we are doing to afford vacation. The greatest trick ever pulled by society. Trade your souls for currency. Only to become dependent on the very thing that has given you currency. It’s truly fascinating when you think about it. Seriously, it is. We work to afford a break from the very work we doing to get a break lol. As fucked up as that is, the funniest part is that this line of thinking is so engraved in society, that we chastise those who dare to think differently. So yeah, we’ve been pimped.

My God! You’re still not laughing? Well then, I give up. You my friend have won this battle. On that note, I still attest that life is pretty funny. Despite all the ups and downs and everything in between, we still have to find time for self. We need to take care of self. We have to nurture self. And most importantly, we have to love self. Life can be pretty funny sometimes, but you know what? It’s a hell of a lot better when you have someone to laugh with.

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