Everyone Has An Opinion. No One Has A Solution.

I haven’t written on this blog in a really long time. I apologize for that. With so much going on in this world, I guess I got lost in the whirlwind of it all. To be honest, I don’t know if that a good or a bad thing. What I do know, whatever is going on, has people behaving unscrupulously. It’s a shame really. Instead of hearing and trying to understand where the other side is coming from, we instead get on our soap box and shout even louder than the next man. For example, a cop enters the wrong apartment and ends up shooting and killing an unarmed black man in his own home. A tragic event to be honest. Then instead of doing their damn jobs of discovering why this happened, the media goes on to portray the victim as a criminal, citing that they found “marijuana” inside the victims residence. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but they completely ignore the fact that this cop entered the man’s home and killed him for no valid reason whatsoever. Yet, instead of coming together and grieving and hopefully getting justice for this young man, who was murdered in is home, by an off-duty police officer. We have shifted the narrative into a bullshit debate of whether or not he should’ve followed orders. Really?! That’s what we’ve degraded into as a society? Tragic.

Then there’s the Colin Kaepernick Nike ad. Jesus Christ, people have lost their collective shit on this one. If you’ve been living under a rock, I suggest you get out from under it. To summarize the situation rather quickly, back in 2016 star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, decided to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem. His actions has caused a massive shit storm of people either taking a stance with him or against him. For the past two years (yes, two whole fuckin’ years) this has been a major topic of debate. Sounds silly right? Wait, it gets better! Recently, Nike decided to make Colin Kaepernick the face of their ad campaign and people went apeshit! Folks started burning their Nike gear (some even left their Nike Products on as they burned it), people called for a boycott of Nike. Some places and companies went as far as to ban Nikes products on their property. Man, this shit had grown folk actin’ hella stupid! On the flipside, you had folks who supported Kaep go out and buy more Nike shit. So, who ended up winning this little tussle? Nike! Here’s your proof. So yeah, people and their soap boxes, I tell ya.

Then we have people are bitching and complaining that dating in this era is difficult, or that no one wants to date anymore. Which is completely absurd and far from the fact. I’ve written my fair share of bitching on this subject, but here’s a bit more… you know just for shits and giggles. Dating has become very transparent, so everyone knows everybody’s business thanks to social media. It’s not that no one wants to date anymore, it’s more of the fact that dating has become an instant commodity. Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish (POF), Match.com, etc., has made dating super easy and conveniently accessible to everyone. With such freedom of choice, it’s easy to fall victim to the “a la cart” approach to dating. Meh, what do I know? I’m just a black man typing away on his computer at 4 in the morning trying to see past the bullshit. Believe me, there is a lot of bullshit.

Personally, it seems that everybody wants to do a lot of talking and not a lot of listening. Maybe that’s our problem as a society. We do too much talky talky and not a lot of listening. Again, what do I know? Between sportsball, politics, religion, sexuality, and the hot button issue of the day, all we seem to do is fan the flames with our unwavering opinions. Damn be the facts! Listen to me god dammit! I know what’s best! My opinions is superior to yours. But is it though? Have you actually done your research? Or are you just spewing the same factoids that the main stream media is feeding you? There is a difference just so you know. Anyway, I hope we can get it together enough to at least admit that something is wrong and needs to be changed. Life is complicated enough and I’d like for us to have a more open and honest conversation about things. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

Keeping an open mind and having that honest and genuine conversation with people isn’t the popular opinion, I’ll admit. Having that conversation though, can possibly lead to a lot more solutions than just shouting over one another. Perhaps I’m being a bit too optimistic. I don’t know. But, I’ve learned that people are afraid of what they don’t know. So, do the research and get to know, ‘cuz with knowledge comes wisdom. You’ll be surprised at what you will learn along the way. Remember, Life is difficult as is. There’s no need to complicate it even further, with absurdities and passive aggressive snakiness. As my boy Andy pointed out at the end of his Facebook post, “Instead of arguing (about why he was) right/wrong (to kneel), go out into your community and find out how you can make it a better place. Trust me, there’s PLENTY of ways you can help make it better” and I completely agree with his sentiment. We can all use a little love these days. So, why not be the one to spread it?


*I’ve added a podcast version of this article to give it some “spice” so speak. Check it out and let me know what you think: Everyone Talks. But No One Wants To Listen.  

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