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College Football Playoff: What now?

Chaos. That’s been the theme in college football the past two November’s.

This past weekend we had FOUR teams in the top 10 lose. First was No. 9 Washington, then No. 1 Georgia. No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 6 TCU also lost. All but Washington lost to other top 10 teams.

What happens from here?

Let’s start with my top 10.

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GOTR Picks: Week of 11/6-11/12

Every week four of us at Guys of the Roundtable are going to make picks on sporting events. From the NHL and the NBA to college football and basketball. We will NOT be doing NFL picksĀ  in this section as we will devote a section to that as well. Here are the picks.

Want to make your own? Add them to the comments here, share them with us on facebook or twitter or even email them to us at


Overall standings: 1. Andy 0-0. 1. Vlad 0-0. 1. Nick K 0-0. 1. Nick D 0-0.

Last weeks record: Andy 0-0. Vlad 0-0. Nick K 0-0. Nick D 0-0.

NHL picks

Monday, Nov. 6: Vegas (Andy, Vlad, Nick D, Nick K) at Toronto.

Tuesday, Nov. 7: Nashville (Vlad) at Columbus (Andy, Nick D, Nick K)

Wednesday, Nov. 8: Boston (Vlad, Nick D) at N.Y. Rangers (Andy, Nick K)

Thursday, Nov. 9: Chicago (Andy, Nick D) at Philadelphia (Vlad, Nick K)

Friday, Nov. 10: Pittsburgh (Vlad, Nick D) at Washington (Andy, Nick K)

Saturday, Nov. 11: Pittsburgh (Andy, Vlad, Nick D, Nick K) at Nashville

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Guys of the Roundtable wants YOU!

The founders of Guys of the Roundtable, Vlad and Andy are looking for help to take this to the next level.

Are you passionate about sports? Politics? Fitness? Dieting? Video games? Even if I didn’t list your passion, we still want you.

We want you to share your knowledge and share that passion with the world!

You too can join us on this journey!

Here is what we are looking for: Writers, Podcasters, YouTubers and fans, etc.

For writers and podcasters, we can discuss topics you will take ownership of.

For fans, find us on Facebook. When you do, like us, then share a post, comment on a post. We want to hear from you all!

For those interested in contributing, please email and we will get you set up.

Vlad and Andy will be live at on Friday (10/27) at 10 p.m. est to talk about our exciting changes! Tune in!

Guys of the Roundtable: What we are all about

Two years and two months ago, a conversation between myself and Vlad took an interesting turn as we both talked about how we wanted to start a podcast but didn’t want to do one solo. Then, the idea struck me. ‘What if we do one together?’ So I asked him his thoughts and he was more than open to the idea. The next step was actually doing it.

About eight or nine years ago I would run a small show off blogtalkradio with some friends for a baseball mogul league and I remembered it was easy to use, I could go on as the host and Vlad could call in and we could do the podcast with me in Lebanon, PA and he in Morgantown, WV.

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