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Hi guys, I am Vladimir Jean-Philippe, co-founder and creator of Guys Of The Round Table (GOTR). Here we like to entertain you buy writing articles and creating podcasts that talks about life. I guess you can call us, life commentators. We look at current events, social issues, sports, religious, psychological, and other factors of life and we comment on them with some common sense and personal insight. All the while, trying to be entertaining. Here, we are trying to build a community where we can share our knowledge and opinions safely. Feel free to grab a seat at the table and join the discussions. Also, if you so choose, conisider subscribing and support us on our Patreon page, like and share our facebook page, and hitting us up on Twitter: @gotrpodcast and of course, the tried and true method of email: Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Let’s talk about…sex

morning-after-sex-400x400Let’s talk about sex baby …
From the first moments of spin the bottle, to 7 minutes in heaven and finally – prom night, we all have a healthy interest and curiosity regarding sex. At the beginning of any relationship, sex can be the main objective, the main focus and the main event. That initial feeling of attraction and desire has you taking every opportunity to be alone together and every conversation seems to gravitate back to the subject of carnal desires.  The questions are always my favorite part of that sexual beginning- the easing in with “how old were you the first time?”, or “what is your favorite position” progressing to the more adventurous topics of “have you ever had a threesome?”, or “any objections to wearing leather and being spanked while I sing the star spangled banner?”. I love every part of sex in a new relationship, it can be the perfect opening of exploration and physical satisfaction. Hopefully. Possibly. Well, if you are lucky, it gets you in the ballpark of an orgasm. And what happens when you go from daily questions and conversations, to weekends without leaving the bed, to suddenly realizing it’s been a week since you bothered to shave your legs and he hasn’t even touched them to notice? That brings me to the real point of writing this. How do you deal when you and your partner have different sex drives? ….

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Whose turn is it to do the dishes?

A couple of weeks ago, Steve from Colorado brought up an interesting point of contention in his relationship. Why do I always have to do the dishes? Makes sense right, after all, you both dirty the dishes, you both see the mess in the kitchen, and the buildup of gunk and odors that rapidly accumulates in the area where you prepare your meals is hardly unnoticeable. So why does it feel like only one person steps up to do the dishes all the time?

First off, let’s call it what it is, it’s not about dishes. Dirty dishes becomes the encompassing focus but look at that sink of chaos and every item in it is more than just a fork, a plate or a spoon.  See that dirty plate- that’s all the times you do the work during sex and she lays there and then complains to her friends later that she isn’t satisfied. Oh and that coffee cup with the solidified chunks of creamer and caffeine residue – that’s really last Sunday when she interrupted the football game for the 100th time to ask which shade of pink you preferred on her nails. Really look at that overflowing mess and recognize it for what it is- feelings of resentment because things are one sided or just not fair in the relationship.

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GOTR Podcast Reboot

The Guys of the Roundtable podcast is in the process of an overhaul to include more than just us talking.

We are going to add written elements, among other things. You can expect short audio clips, youtube videos, perhaps even some video game streams.

We will explain this and MUCH more on Friday (10/27) at 10 p.m. EST as we dive into these changes and take YOUR calls.

Tune in here at 10 p.m. EST on Friday.