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Week 10 Draftkings optimal lineup

Week 10 Draftkings optimal lineup

QB – Josh McCown 6,100 (vs TB)
RB – Jordan Howard 6,100 (vs CHI)
RB – LeVeon Bell 9,800 (vs IND)
WR – Jordan Matthews 3,700 (vs NO)
WR – Sterling Shepard 5,500 (vs SF)
WR – DeSean Jackson 4,900 (vs NYJ)
TE – Austin Seferian-Jenkins 4,800 (vs TB)
FLEX – Alfred Morris 5,500 (vs ATL)
DEF – Rams 3,600 (vs LAC)

what do you think? Revenge games for McCown and ASJ. Jackson will get looks with Evans out. Morris should be good for a goal line TD. Trust the Bell-Howard duo. I expect 2 big games from them. If you played my lineup last weekend you should have gotten some money your way. Try it again or tweak it as you like. Any questions or comments? Don’t be afraid to question my lineups. I always am up for a discussion.

College Football Playoff: What now?

Chaos. That’s been the theme in college football the past two November’s.

This past weekend we had FOUR teams in the top 10 lose. First was No. 9 Washington, then No. 1 Georgia. No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 6 TCU also lost. All but Washington lost to other top 10 teams.

What happens from here?

Let’s start with my top 10.

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GOTR Picks: Week of 11/6-11/12

Every week four of us at Guys of the Roundtable are going to make picks on sporting events. From the NHL and the NBA to college football and basketball. We will NOT be doing NFL picks  in this section as we will devote a section to that as well. Here are the picks.

Want to make your own? Add them to the comments here, share them with us on facebook or twitter or even email them to us at


Overall standings: 1. Andy 0-0. 1. Vlad 0-0. 1. Nick K 0-0. 1. Nick D 0-0.

Last weeks record: Andy 0-0. Vlad 0-0. Nick K 0-0. Nick D 0-0.

NHL picks

Monday, Nov. 6: Vegas (Andy, Vlad, Nick D, Nick K) at Toronto.

Tuesday, Nov. 7: Nashville (Vlad) at Columbus (Andy, Nick D, Nick K)

Wednesday, Nov. 8: Boston (Vlad, Nick D) at N.Y. Rangers (Andy, Nick K)

Thursday, Nov. 9: Chicago (Andy, Nick D) at Philadelphia (Vlad, Nick K)

Friday, Nov. 10: Pittsburgh (Vlad, Nick D) at Washington (Andy, Nick K)

Saturday, Nov. 11: Pittsburgh (Andy, Vlad, Nick D, Nick K) at Nashville

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Fantasy Football: The 2-6 team that never was

I’m writing this in light of Deshaun Watson tearing his ACL. Let me first say, I feel awful for anyone who gets hurt and wish them well. I wanted to write this to give you guys the idea of the up and down season I have had. I currently sit at 2-6 with the 4th most points scored in my league despite losing Watson, Dalvin Cook and Odell Beckham. Let’s go through the journey of this team.

Sunday, September 3rd

Draft Day

Draft day was finally here and the 5th season of “Turn your Head and Coughlin” was underway. I am the commissioner of this extremely competitive league. A couple of my good friends are in this league along with some guys who I either keep in touch with year round or don’t hear from until draft day or right before the season kicks off.

Draft day is a sense of renewal to a lot of us. Its to right last years wrongs and to finally dethrone that damn Tony from the champions spot and to finally shut him up. I had the 8th pick in the 10 team league.

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Week 9 Draftkings optimal lineup

Clearly, I was wrong last week. No one saw Panthers-Bucs only scoring 21 points combined. Also the NE-LAC was a major flop. 2 of my games I honed in on failed big time. Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins against the Seahawks. Who saw that coming? I know I didn’t. I may have started them in a fantasy league of mine but they were ignored almost entirely in my optimal lineup. I consider optimal, safe and sure bets. If you look at last weeks optimal lineup, I wasn’t taking many risks. I was trying to win you and I some money. That’s the thing about fantasy sports and sports in general. Its a tough game. I’m 2-6 in 1 league but find myself 4th in points scored. Its the luck of the draw. Like I stressed last week, money and luck trump over knowledge.

I’ll take another swing at it this week. Feel free to agree or disagree.

QB – Deshaun Watson 8,100 (vs IND)

RB – Adrian Peterson 5,600 (vs SF)

RB – Alfred Morris 5,500 (vs KC)

WR – Devin Funchess 5,400 (vs ATL)

WR – Ted Ginn Jr. 5,000 (vs TB)

WR – Will Fuller V 7,000 (vs IND)

TE – Jack Doyle 4,300 (vs HOU)

FLEX – Evan Engram 5,600 (vs LAR)

DEF – Eagles 3,300 (vs DEN)

Immediately you can question 2 things here. Why Funchess for starters. Kelvin Benjamin just left town and even before then, Funchess was Newtons favorite target. He led the team in targets once Olsen went down. With Benjamin out of town and Greg Olsen still hurt and no other viable option, it has to be Funchess.

Deshaun Watson can be another one here. But he has a favorable matchup and is lighting up the scoreboard. Will Fuller seems to find the end zone with every reception he makes.  They have priced DeAndre Hopkins out of reach. At 9,200 he is 1,400 more than the next WR Julio Jones. Will Fuller sits at 7k and with the 2,200 you essentially gained by picking Fuller over Hopkins it allows upgrades elsewhere.

I’m not a practically big believer in Adrian Peterson but the numbers don’t lie. SF is dreadful and they currently rank 32nd against the run. The only thing that worries me is with Drew Stanton throwing the ball, they will stack the box and wipe out the run. Despite that, I still believe he is the safe bet here.

Alfred Morris and Ted Ginn Jr. are 2 of my boom or bust guys. We know now Alfred Morris is starting in place of Ezekiel Elliott during his 6 game suspension. KC is tough against the run but we can’t ignore the Cowboys offensive line. They will open up holes for Morris and I believe at the worst, he’s good for a goal line TD. Which brings me to my 2nd choice, Ted Ginn Jr. I think the Bucs-Saints will have a high scoring game. The Saints defense has looked solid but it’ll be hard to stop all the Bucs weapons. Which will cause Brees to throw down the field and throw often. Ted Ginn will benefit here. Expect a solid day from him and at 5,000 anything more than an average game is a win here.

My 2 TEs I chose Jack Doyle and Evan Engram in the flex are their respective teams entire offenses. Doyle goes against the Texans who down many key players can’t seem to stop opposing offenses. I don’t think Doyle will repeat last weeks effort when he caught 12 balls for 121 yards and a score but I expect an 8-80-1 type game from him. Solid production for 4,300. Evan Engram goes against a tough Rams defense. He went against the Seahawks and Broncos in his last 2 games and still walked away each week with a touchdown. If Sterling Shepard sits out another week, Eli will have no choice but to keep feeding Engram. Which in turn feeds our point total.

The Eagles defense to me doesn’t need any explaining. They’ve been a great unit and with them going against the suddenly dreadful Broncos defense. They make sense. They are ranked in the middle of the pack for defenses but they will give you a good return on your investment.

Good luck everyone this week, check out my facebook page @theDailySpike for more information and any other questions you may have!



Week 8 Draft Kings optimal lineup


I’m going to try to provide an optimal Draft Kings lineup each week. I started back up doing draft kings about a month ago after a 2 year hiatus. So I’m still trying to get a feel
for how things work after using Fanduel for years.

I’ve come to like DK more because of the non use of a kicker and the more realistic prices. Fanduel allowed me to have a star-studded lineup and feel very confident in my squad. Only to get thumped each week.

One thing I will tell EVERYONE after not really caring about it til this past year. Do NOT enter
multi entry tournaments. I was the guy who entered 5-10 dollar leagues on a weekly basis where I believe, there was no max entries on fanduel.

I’d be playing guys who had entires that would make you scroll for what seemed to be minutes. One minor tweak in any of there lineups meant the difference between winning 20 bucks or 200 bucks.

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Guys of the Roundtable wants YOU!

The founders of Guys of the Roundtable, Vlad and Andy are looking for help to take this to the next level.

Are you passionate about sports? Politics? Fitness? Dieting? Video games? Even if I didn’t list your passion, we still want you.

We want you to share your knowledge and share that passion with the world!

You too can join us on this journey!

Here is what we are looking for: Writers, Podcasters, YouTubers and fans, etc.

For writers and podcasters, we can discuss topics you will take ownership of.

For fans, find us on Facebook. When you do, like us, then share a post, comment on a post. We want to hear from you all!

For those interested in contributing, please email and we will get you set up.

Vlad and Andy will be live at on Friday (10/27) at 10 p.m. est to talk about our exciting changes! Tune in!

GOTR Podcast Reboot

The Guys of the Roundtable podcast is in the process of an overhaul to include more than just us talking.

We are going to add written elements, among other things. You can expect short audio clips, youtube videos, perhaps even some video game streams.

We will explain this and MUCH more on Friday (10/27) at 10 p.m. EST as we dive into these changes and take YOUR calls.

Tune in here at 10 p.m. EST on Friday.