Women Can Be At Fault Too!

I find it quite interesting that there are many blogs, videos, and streams talking about what a woman should do in a relationship when it comes to dealing with men’s negative/positive behavioral patterns. Yet, I rarely see or read anything about what a man should do about a woman’s negative/positive behavior when it comes to relationships.

Why is that? Well, I’ve pondered this question for a good bit and after doing some pseudo research, it is my belief that that market for women looking to find answers about what to do with their “no good” man vastly outnumbers men’s desires to understand women.

See, the only people that seem to understand women are other women; and they have a hard time liking each other. You know what though? Maybe it’s time for men to start challenging the shitty behaviors of women in a relationship. Let’s be honest here, if a relationship is supposed to be a “50/50 partnership”, how come it almost always falls on the man to be “perfect” or “he has to change” in the relationship?

Meanwhile, the female has a ton of leeway to do as she pleases. You can literally type into Google, “how to tell if my man is a good man”, “how to make my man do what I want”, “how to tell if a man is doing this or that” and receive a ton of feedback. Yet, if you flip the question around and replace “men” with “women”, your search results are more likely to be few and far in-between. If we are supposedly in an era of “post-modern feminism” where woman are just as capable as men, then why don’t we hold women to equal if not a higher standard in a relationship?

Sure, some of you may read this and get upset at the fact, I’m challenging the status quo. To that I say, go ahead and bitch. But if we are going to be honest and keep things equal and fair, you women need to step your game up too! There are plenty of things that women do wrong in a relationship that needs to be addressed. So why are we ignoring these acts?

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comment section. I would love to hear what you have to say about this topic.


Pokemon TCG: How I got back into collecting

NOTE: I guess I forgot to include Pokemon Go as a reason, too. That came BEFORE my nephew showed me the Evolutions cards.

About a year and a half ago I got hooked back into collecting Pokemon cards when they released the Evolutions set. My nephew had some packs and opened them up and I saw they looked just like the original cards that I enjoyed 20+ years ago in my early teens.

I was immediately interested. Nostalgia is a funny thing. The way it takes you back in time to your childhood.

Not long after starting to collect again, my wife and I decided to go back and find our old cards. We were thrilled to find we still had the original base set Charizard, Blastoise and Venusuar. We also had a handful of others as well, but those were the “Holy Grail” of collectors 20-years ago.

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Top 10 College Football Games of 2017

With the College Football Playoff Championship game tonight between Alabama and Georgia, let’s take a look back at the top 10 games in 2017.

For consistency, this will include games contested prior to the bowl season and will not include any, despite the difficulty in leaving the semifinal between Georgia and Oklahoma out of it.

Without further ado, the top 10 college football games of 2017.

10. UCF 62, Memphis 55. There was a lot on the line for UCF in the AAC Championship game. They had beaten Memphis earlier in the season and with an undefeated season and New Year’s Six bowl on the line, the Knights won a double overtime contest against the Tigers.

McKenzie Milton threw for 494 yards and five touchdowns and ran for another one as UCF finished the season 12-0 before heading to the Sugar Bowl to face Auburn.

MORE: Listen to GOTR Podcast, Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 1 p.m. EST. College football awards show.

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Change is Good

As time progresses, so do we as people. With each turn of the calendar year, we reflect on the year past and try to openly and honestly evaluate ourselves. We try to see where we are as individuals and make the necessary changes. I being of sound mind and body am not excluded from this yearly ritual. As we enter the new year, I realized that I have come a long way as an individual. I’ve opened up a lot more about myself. I’ve found a wonderful girlfriend who keeps my ass in check. I’ve stepped out of my bullheaded thinking that I don’t need a ground game in MMA in order to be good. Continue reading Change is Good

Week 10 Draftkings optimal lineup

Week 10 Draftkings optimal lineup

QB – Josh McCown 6,100 (vs TB)
RB – Jordan Howard 6,100 (vs CHI)
RB – LeVeon Bell 9,800 (vs IND)
WR – Jordan Matthews 3,700 (vs NO)
WR – Sterling Shepard 5,500 (vs SF)
WR – DeSean Jackson 4,900 (vs NYJ)
TE – Austin Seferian-Jenkins 4,800 (vs TB)
FLEX – Alfred Morris 5,500 (vs ATL)
DEF – Rams 3,600 (vs LAC)

what do you think? Revenge games for McCown and ASJ. Jackson will get looks with Evans out. Morris should be good for a goal line TD. Trust the Bell-Howard duo. I expect 2 big games from them. If you played my lineup last weekend you should have gotten some money your way. Try it again or tweak it as you like. Any questions or comments? Don’t be afraid to question my lineups. I always am up for a discussion.

College Football Playoff: What now?

Chaos. That’s been the theme in college football the past two November’s.

This past weekend we had FOUR teams in the top 10 lose. First was No. 9 Washington, then No. 1 Georgia. No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 6 TCU also lost. All but Washington lost to other top 10 teams.

What happens from here?

Let’s start with my top 10.

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Let’s talk about…sex

morning-after-sex-400x400Let’s talk about sex baby …
From the first moments of spin the bottle, to 7 minutes in heaven and finally – prom night, we all have a healthy interest and curiosity regarding sex. At the beginning of any relationship, sex can be the main objective, the main focus and the main event. That initial feeling of attraction and desire has you taking every opportunity to be alone together and every conversation seems to gravitate back to the subject of carnal desires.  The questions are always my favorite part of that sexual beginning- the easing in with “how old were you the first time?”, or “what is your favorite position” progressing to the more adventurous topics of “have you ever had a threesome?”, or “any objections to wearing leather and being spanked while I sing the star spangled banner?”. I love every part of sex in a new relationship, it can be the perfect opening of exploration and physical satisfaction. Hopefully. Possibly. Well, if you are lucky, it gets you in the ballpark of an orgasm. And what happens when you go from daily questions and conversations, to weekends without leaving the bed, to suddenly realizing it’s been a week since you bothered to shave your legs and he hasn’t even touched them to notice? That brings me to the real point of writing this. How do you deal when you and your partner have different sex drives? ….

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GOTR Picks: Week of 11/6-11/12

Every week four of us at Guys of the Roundtable are going to make picks on sporting events. From the NHL and the NBA to college football and basketball. We will NOT be doing NFL picks  in this section as we will devote a section to that as well. Here are the picks.

Want to make your own? Add them to the comments here, share them with us on facebook or twitter or even email them to us at guysoftheroundtable@gmail.com


Overall standings: 1. Andy 0-0. 1. Vlad 0-0. 1. Nick K 0-0. 1. Nick D 0-0.

Last weeks record: Andy 0-0. Vlad 0-0. Nick K 0-0. Nick D 0-0.

NHL picks

Monday, Nov. 6: Vegas (Andy, Vlad, Nick D, Nick K) at Toronto.

Tuesday, Nov. 7: Nashville (Vlad) at Columbus (Andy, Nick D, Nick K)

Wednesday, Nov. 8: Boston (Vlad, Nick D) at N.Y. Rangers (Andy, Nick K)

Thursday, Nov. 9: Chicago (Andy, Nick D) at Philadelphia (Vlad, Nick K)

Friday, Nov. 10: Pittsburgh (Vlad, Nick D) at Washington (Andy, Nick K)

Saturday, Nov. 11: Pittsburgh (Andy, Vlad, Nick D, Nick K) at Nashville

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REVISED Week 9 Draftkings optimal lineup

Revised Draftkings optimal lineup

I made this lineup before Deshaun Watson tore his ACL and before Ezekiel Elliott got reinstated for the millionth time.

Here is the NEW as of 11/5 lineup

QB – Russell Wilson 7,300 (vs WAS)

RB – Devonta Freeman 8,600 (vs CAR)

RB – Adrian Peterson 5,600 (vs SF)

WR – Doug Baldwin 6,900 (vs WAS)

WR – Devin Funchess 5,400 (vs ATL)

TE – Jack Doyle 4,300 (vs HOU)

FLEX – Evan Engram 5,600 (vs LAR)

DST – Eagles 3,300 (vs DEN)

I added Wilson, Freeman and Baldwin and subtracted Wilson, Fuller and Morris. I think Baldwin will keep up his recent streak if they move him around and away from Norman. I also believe Atlanta will pull ahead early causing them to run Freeman and in turn having Carolina pass the ball (Funchess) to keep up. Good luck everyone.